How to download Hinge in UAE Dubai, Italy, Spain, Nigeria, Hong Kong, Japan?

Hinge is a cell phone dating app, available for iPhone and Android devices, that’s oriented toward relationships rather than hookups and tries to match you with people your friends know and can vouch for.

Hinge focuses on matching you with people you share Facebook friends with, if you have a Facebook account.
If nobody is friends with your friends — or if you’ve already made your way through all those potential matches — the app starts recommending more tangential connections,
like people whose Facebook friends share Facebook friends with you. But the focus is on finding people who are somewhere in your social network.

Unfortunately, Hinge app is not available in the UAE, Italy, Spain, Nigeria, Hong Kong, Japan and many other countries.

Hinge app is currently available in the following countries:

United States, Canada, Ireland, United Kingdom, India, Australia, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, France, Finland, Austria, New Zealand, South Africa, Israel, and Singapore.

In other countries, users have been blocked from accessing Hinge to download the app.

Moreover, according to the list of Prohibited Content Categories in the UAE, dating internet content is banned.
This category includes Internet Content that provides online dating or matchmaking, which contradicts the ethics and morals of the UAE.

However, there is a simple solution how to use Hinge in the UAE, Italy, Spain, Nigeria, Hong Kong, Japan and other countries. And this is using VPN — Virtual Private Network.

VPN hides your IP address and helps to bypass Internet restrictions in your country fast and simply with just a few taps.

3 Easy Steps to Download and Use Hinge in the UAE, Italy, Spain, Nigeria, Hong Kong and Japan:

1. Get your Free trial Aeroshield VPN account
2. Setup VPN connection, following Step by Step VPN setup guide.
3. Connect to VPN and enjoy your Hinge app!

Here are the best VPNs for Hinge in UAE, Italy, Spain, Nigeria, Hong Kong, and Japan:


Hinge dating app is not available in your country. So you need to use a secure Internet connection to unblock them. Using one of the services above will help you to resolve this problem. Try for free today!