How to unblock and use IMO in the UAE Dubai, Abu Dhabi? [December 2023 Update]

IMO is one of the most popular free voice and video calling and chat application in the world. For many people, it is a simple form of staying in touch with loved ones.

For others, it is essential and useful instrument when working remotely.
However, if you are located in the UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi and others emirates) or visiting the country, you will be surprised: in the UAE you cannot use the IMO app properly.
Yes, IMO is blocked in UAE and in many others countries like Saudi Arabia, China, Oman, Qatar, and others.
So, is it possible to get around the Internet restrictions and how to do that?
Here we will answer the question how to unblock and use IMO in UAE using Relaska Secure Service.

Why IMO is blocked in UAE?

There are two main Internet Service Providers in the UAE – du and Etisalat.
Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) is the organization that determines Internet rules and say what is blocked and not in the country.
According to TRA, IMO is blocked in UAE as it “provides an unlicensed calling service under the prohibited contents of the UAE Regulatory Framework”.
IMO cannot do anything about the block but fortunately, it’s not difficult to get around it.
You can use Relaska Secure Service in the UAE to overcome these local Internet restrictions and use IMO in UAE (in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or any other region of the country).

How Internet blocks are working?

Internet filters and bans are applied based on specific ports using.
When you launch IMO app either using du or Etisalat in the UAE the ISP checks the ports, which is used for the IMO connection and blocks them.
So what’s the answer to how to unban and use IMO in the UAE?  The answer is to use encrypted virtual connection – VPN.

How a Relaska unblocks IMO in UAE?

If you want to use IMO in UAE you can sign up with a Relaska Secure Service and unblock any restricted application. But how does that work? Let’s consider this.
The key to how to unblock IMO in Dubai is to mask your own IP address and encrypt your Internet traffic by using secure connection to the server located somewhere else in the world.
When you are connected to a secure server in the United States (for example) sites and apps think you are located there and your local Internet provider cannot see what you are doing because of  traffic encryption. When you use IMO app, it picks the IP address up as being in the United States and so you easily bypass the Internet block.Despite the fact, you are located in Abu Dhabi, Dubai or anywhere else you can use IMO and avoid country’s geo restrictions. You can change your IP and encrypt your Internet traffic easily using Relaska VPN (Virtual Private Network).
When you have changed your IP with a Virtual Private Network, you can use IMO in censored countries like in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, and other. In fact, you can use Relaska anywhere where Internet censorship is high.

Steps for how to unblock IMO in UAE

Now let’s move on to look at just how easy it is to enable IMO calls in the UAE.

  • Choose a reliable and secure VPN provider but remember that not all services work in UAE. In this particular case, we recommend you to use Relaska Secure Service.
    Sign up for a plan with the provider. Relaska offers a FREE Trial to test the service in advance for free.
  •  Get your account data, install and launch the app for the device you are using to encrypt your traffic.
  •  Once you connect to the secure server restart IMO app and enjoy using it.

If you have followed all the steps above properly, you now have the answer how to make IMO work in UAE.

Additional benefits of using Relaska

A Virtual Private Network is a great tool to help you use IMO in UAE, Dubai. However, there are many more uses to a Virtual Private Network.

Get security with a VPN

A secure VPN connection provides security for everyday browsing on the internet.
With a connection to a remote server, there is a virtual tunnel in place.
Information that is going through the tunnel is encrypted. If anyone comes across it they cannot decipherer it.
Using a VPN helps to avoid ISPs spying.

You can use a VPN to stay secure and protected and do not let your ISP check what you are doing online.
This includes websites you visit, any emails you send, the videos you watch and what you download.
All your Internet activity is protected. You may even use torrent websites safely as your ISP will have no idea about what you are downloading online.