How to unblock websites in Bangladesh

How to Unblock Websites in Bangladesh? [October 2023]

Bangladesh has a strict control over the Internet used by the citizens of the country, as well as those who are visiting the Bangladesh. It features technologically advanced filtering, which allows the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) to have far greater control and regulation of what people can see and do when they are online. The purpose was to censor websites that the BTRC felt were not suitable for their citizens, such as adult porn sites, online gambling sites, online game Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). The ban also included popular community network website Reddit and others that may have had what was considered as harmful material.

Also Bangladesh authorities have blocked an access to a websites that reveal corruption by an influential Bangladeshi minister.

The consequent of this was that many websites are impossible to access in Bangladesh. This includes social networking sites like Reddit, blogs that have a political nature, and many types of media, including streaming media. Of course, many who are in Bangladesh, whether they are residing there or on business, want to have full and non censored access to the web. Fortunately, it is possible.
Unblock Reddit in Bangladesh

Getting Around the Blocks

Internet limitations in Bangladesh, and anywhere else there are restrictions for that matter, are based on a traffic filtering. When somebody in Bangladesh request some blocked website or service Bangladeshi traffic filtering system just blocks such a request. The best and safest way to get around this problem and unblock websites in Bangladesh is using a VPN or, virtual private network to encrypt and mask your traffic.

How Does the VPN Work?

VPN for Bangladesh
When you have a VPN service, you still need to have your own ISP. However, when you connect to VPN server it changing your local IP address, encrypts and secure your connection whether you are using a desktop, laptop, mac or even a mobile device. This can provide you with more comprehensive security.

This makes it easy to bypass the blocks and to see the content that you wish and need.

While you can choose VPNs that provide servers in various locations around the globe, it is generally a good idea to choose those that have servers in countries that have more web liberality. Some Asian countries like Singapore, EU countries and USA tend to be good examples. If you are in Bangladesh and have a VPN with servers in these countries you can access almost every website, mobile application or online game servers

Choosing the Right VPN

You need to choose a VPN service that will be right to unblock websites in Bangladesh. If you are going to be visiting websites and social media sites, speed might not be critical to you. But, those who want to stream will want to have the fastest connections possible, so they can have a good experience while watching videos. The same is true for those who are playing games online and who need to have the fastest connection possible. For example Singapore VPN server will be great for Bangladesh because close location and therefore low ping.
Relaska vpn free trial
Most of the VPN options on the market are in a identical price range, so price is rarely a factor on your search. However, if you see alternative that are completely free or that have extremely low prices, it might be a good idea to avoid them. They may not be competent of providing you with a quality service regardless of what they might claim.

You should also look at the policies of the VPN service when you are making your choice. You don’t want the Bangladeshi government to know what you are doing online, so make sure the company you choose takes your privacy and anonymity seriously. We recommend choosing those who provide free trial to test the service in advance. Those who provide all variety of supported VPN types, especially SSL VPN that is very safe and able to work in any networks (mobile or landline).

We keep an updated list of VPNs that work flawlessly to unblock websites in Bangladesh:

Relaska VPN  

Relaska which is a premium VPN service.  Number 1 in our list!
Servers in Singapore (also in Europea and USA) – ideal location for Bangladesh. Support SSL VPN.
You will need to sign up for an account.
You don’t need to pay in advance. They offer free trial!

Aeroshield VPN

Sahrzad VPN

Once you choose your VPN and get VPN account, you should be ready to go.
Start surfing with the freedom the Internet is supposed to have.