Relaska vpn service review

Relaska VPN Review

I’ve been using Relaska VPN since June, 2019 and here is my short review:

I paid around 62$ for 12 months plan with a coupon dp34nm that was found in something blog. This makes it around 5 bucks per month.

I am using AnyConnect application on my iPhone and Windows program with a banal name “VPN Connection” 🙂 on the laptop. Overall it’s easy to setup and easy to use. I did not try it neither on Mac or Android just because I don’t have them.

The speed is good. I did not notice any speed loss in most cases while connecting to the nearest servers in Europe.

These are my results of SpeedTest:

Without VPN

Relaska vpn review

With VPN

Relaska vpn review

Key facts of Relaska VPN:

  • 5 simultaneous connections are a big plus. Even more then I need.

  • They provide unique SSL VPN that works everywhere in every single place either via WiFi or via mobile data. I used to to use it when I was in Egypt where Whatsapp calls is blocked (at least in Sharm el Sheikh). It worked with local SIM card Orange by mobile data

  • Occasionally I download torrents via VPN at home. As I mentioned before the speed is almost the same with my Internet direct connection.

  • You have an opportunity to use servers located in the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia.

  • Usually I don’t need to change it as I am fully satisfied with the closest server in Europe.

  • Support. I had not any questions to their Support so I can’t tell you anything about it. So far so good.

Conclusion: Relaska is a reliable and stable VPN service. No complaints for almost 10 months.