VPN for Chromebook – How to Get VPN on Chromebook

Safety is a big point for Chrome OS, despite that you still need to protect your Chromebook’s Internet traffic, and for that you need a VPN.

Or probably you need to bypass some local Internet restrictions. Or access some Geo-restricted websites.
All these things requires VPN for Chromebook.

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Our review walks you through the process.

What’s the best way to set up a VPN on a Chromebook?

Generally speaking, there are 3 ways to get your Chromebook protected by a VPN:

1. You can use a built-in ChromeOS L2TP VPN client.
To make the connection you have to configure the client manually to use the VPN.
Among the minuses of this choice – L2TP VPN does not give you enough security and it’s easy to block from Internet provider side or by WiFi hotspot admin. Also L2TP VPN is often blocked when we are using mobile data.

2. Android application.

Yes, it’s possible to use Android app.
Most new Chromebooks come with the Google Play Store out of the box, which allows you to install your favorite Android apps quickly.

Surprisingly, going the Android route is probably your best option.
Relaska VPN service provides SSL based VPN app that is easy to setup on your Chromebook.

What makes SSL VPN for Chrome OS unique among others?

SSL VPN provides strong encryption of your data. If you want to protect your privacy SSL may be a good option.
SSL’s port 443 using means that companies have a harder time blocking it (frankly – almost impossible), and it can get through many firewalls. This feature may also help users who want to view censored content, since it makes VPN traffic look like standard HTTPS traffic online. We can say it makes it stealthy VPN.
When compared to other protocols, SSL VPN for Chromerbook is pretty fast, which may make it a good option for conducting online activity that doesn’t require as much bandwidth.

3. Yet another great opportunity answering to the question how to get VPN on your Chromebook is to install SSL based VPN client from “Web Store”.

Click the “Launcher” icon on the Google Chromebook desktop. Locate, and then open the “Web Store
Using the search bar, search for Cisco AnyConnect.
Cisco AnyConnect app offers SSL VPN based on Cisco SSL protocol. All the benefits of SSL in one app.
Relaska VPN service supports Cisco SSL VPN as well for Chrome OS.

In a nutshell we recommend to choose SSL based VPN for Chromebook. Either Android application or Cisco AnyConnect. Both are pretty good and meets the majority requirements of Chrome OS users.

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